Thursday, June 4, 2009

Responding to comments

I don't know why, but for some reason my responses to all of you who've kindly left a comment are not appearing. I'm fairly computer literate and can usually figure these things out, but not this time. If you know how a blog author can respond to a comment using blogger, I'd appreciate instructions.

And to Helen, who just left a comment about the fennel ...

Hmmm … this could be the case. We do have many squirrels running around here, and some could be at that “time of life” LOL. They are cheeky little devils. Once I planted corn. The little brats ate it right in front of me, while I stood about a foot away! Thanks for the comment.


  1. If you have comment moderation turned on, perhaps you need to moderate your own comments before they can appear? Just a thought.

  2. Or obviously not... as my suggestion was just published without difficulty. Hmmmm.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today!

  3. My comments seems to be appearing on the blog. BTW nice blog

  4. I have the same question. People post comments on my blog - and I want to respond to their comments and I can't. There MUST be a way. Keep looking.

    My first batch of tomatoes EVER are ready and I'm loving eating food warm from the sun. The best!

  5. I've only been able to post a comment using Internet Explorer on a PC. Javascript and cookies have to be enabled. Does not want to work, however, even with Javacript and cookies on, using Firefox on either a PC or Mac.


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