Monday, October 5, 2009

Flowering Vine: The Mandevilla

This Spring, as I wandered around my local garden nursery, this beautiful Mandevilla Vine caught my eye.

I simply had to have it. I love the sound of the name, “Mandevilla”, as it rolls off my tongue. The name makes me want to do the Samba! Native to the Central and South American tropics, it’s also known as “Brazillian Jasmine”. Here, in the Great White North, the Mandevilla Vine is grown as an annual. If you were to plant the Mandevilla, you would want to plant it in rich garden soil. I decided to leave mine in its original pot and give it a home on our deck.

Throughout the summer, not once did this plant loose its gorgeous, crimson red, trumpet-like flowers.

I would love to keep this vine year-round. I’ve read that I can bring the Vine indoors during the winter. However, I am concerned about pesky insects. Apparently, to bring it indoors, I would need to:
  • Cut it back to about 6”
  • Spay it with insecticidal soap
  • Soak the pot in water for a few hours to get rid of pests hiding in the soil
  • Leave it in a cool place to go dormant and water occasionally throughout the winter
I think, however, that I’ll try taking some 4” – 5” cuttings, let them root, and then pot the cuttings.

Mandevilla Vine Quick Facts

  • Available in pink, white and red
  • They can grow to 10’ in height during one season, and 30’ in their native habitat
  • They will tolerate slight drought
  • Outdoors, place them in sun/partial shade
  • Indoors they prefer filtered or indirect light

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Flowering Vines: Beautiful Climbers, Karan Davis Cutler


  1. Mandevilla are really worth it. I had one once, but it didn't like the summer one year. I don't have room for another. But they are worth it.

  2. The same thing happened to me when I first started gardening. I spotted a mandevilla vine at a flea market and had to take it home. I put it on my balcony where it grew up the center post and bloomed like crazy all summer.

    That was the first plant I ever owned that didn't die on me. I was hooked on plants from then on.

  3. Yes they are lovely! I want to get a pink Mandevilla next.


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