Sunday, May 16, 2010

Get Ready for the Great Canadian Planting Weekend!

Here, in Ontario, Canada, this upcoming weekend, known officially as the Victory Day Weekend, but also as  Firecracker Day or just the May 24th Weekend, is a 3-day long weekend. Some of us open our cottages, if we’re lucky enough to own one. Some of us set off fireworks, originally in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday, but now I think we do it mainly as a celebration of the warm weather.  For many of us it is the official start of the gardening season after our long winter of hibernation. Hurray!
This is the time of the last frost. The time when we can safely plant. Next weekend we will descend like crazed flower-hungry hoards on our local garden nurseries. 
Taking Stock
Today, in preparation for next weekend, I’ve been working at preparing my garden canvas. I picked up some soil this morning. I used to buy separate bags of peat moss, manure and compost and mix it myself. Now, though, I just buy bags of ready mixed triple mix. How about you?
In addition, I bought a bag of sheep manure and top soil. The sheep manure will go in my vegetable patch.
Next, garden tools. I confess, I’ve not taken care of my tools. My pruners are very dull and rusted. So I’ve invested in a new pair of pruners. I never realized how many types of pruners there are! There are anvil pruners, Bypass pruners, grass pruners and the long handled pruners, which are actually called loppers. I settled on the Bypass pruners.
Now I have to get out there. Time to turn the earth and spread the new soil around. Hopefully the heavy labour will help me loose some of this winter fat!


  1. Finally, it's upon us. We've had some fleeting moments of warmth, but now it's official. May 24 - here we come!!

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment!

    I have been good--only bought 4 baskets ;) I can't wait for Victoria Day weekend. I'm going to try to beat the rush by going to one of my favourite garden centres on Friday. I always promise not to spend a lot of money but, I always do!

    I'll be back to your blog also :)

  3. I'm in the northeast part of Ontario (zone 4a). I'm working this weekend, but our weather has been a bit sketchy, so I might wait another week. Maybe. I have itchy fingers, though. LOL.

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  4. Let's hope it will warm up either this weekend or next!


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