Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Vegetable Gardening: A Video Update

This past May, I started revamping my yard. To start with, I put in a new vegetable garden. It is a decent size, about 20’ x 6’.

Last fall, I started with a 6’ x 10’ section, using what I guess you could call, a cold mulch method. First, I lay old cardboard over the grass. Next, a layer of compost went over the cardboard, then leaves, then more compost, and kept layering until the bed was about 4” high. I threw in a few vegetable scraps too. Then I let it brew over the winter. In the spring I added some triple mix. The soil is very nice and rich.

In the spring I wanted to enlarge it, as well as start a new flower garden bed. This time, I hired a couple of young guys who are students that run their own landscape business. Very impressive young men! They took out the grass, tilled and then shovelled in four cubic yards of triple mix for me. Then some mulch.

Below are videos of the fruits of my labour, so to speak, to date.  Already I’ve harvested many radishes, a few tomatoes, a cabbage and some zucchini.

I am particularly thrilled about my Three Sisters planting, although something ate my bean seedlings in one patch. 

Vegetable Garden Part 1, July 18, 2016

Vegetable Garden Part 2

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