Saturday, July 25, 2009

Look at these herb babies

I believe there is truth to the old adage that, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." As an avid cook, I have dreamed for many years of having my own indoor herb garden. I’m proud to report, that after several attempts over the years to plant herbs indoors from seed, and my second seed planting this year (see my first post), that my indoor herb garden is coming along extremely well. I feel like a proud mama! So what did I do differently?

Pay attention!
First of all, I think the peat pellets helped. I discovered that this seed medium retains water very well. In the past, I planted seeds in small containers. I am not sure what soil I used. They would sprout, but then die. I admit my guilt in not paying enough attention to the seedlings. I would forget to spritz them as they sprouted and they’d dry up. The peat pellets, on the other hand, took away the need to constantly add moisture. The pellets stayed damp for several weeks. In fact, it’s recommended not to spritz them, as mold may develop.

Next, I planted the herb seedlings in large containers before they outgrew the peat pellets. The planting involved ensuring the pots had holes for drainage, adding a layer of gravel and using proper potting soil. Finally, a sunny window and consistent watering helped them to survive. And voila! At last herbs to use in cooking whenever I need them. Now I just need to make them last during the winter months.

Hope this helps those of you who also want in indoor herb garden.


  1. In the end, its all about nutrients, sunlight, water and healthy environment for plants to grow and stay healthy. But the needs vary between species. Now you are on top of things.... Congratulation!!

    ~ bangchik

  2. I have a big foot deep by 3foot rectangular planter that I've successfully brought in for 5 winters now. It's big enough that it doesn't completely dry out - and that it takes quite a bit of water to overwater it - so I haven't. The rosemary in it is 5 years old, the oregano 2, the parsley 1, but I've found basil and cilantro have to be replaced quite often.

  3. Not sure I am on top of things, but at least I am now making progress! Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. I will keep that in mind about the basil - this is one of my favourite herbs!

  5. Thanks for the tip on peat pellets. Guess we have to look at our plants and learn from them as they are growing. This morning I added some humus pellets as my veggies seem to be slow in growing and the soil is not so good.


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