Thursday, July 30, 2009

To be organic, or not to be?

Do you ever feel confused about buying, or not buying organic food?

One reason I am learning to grow food organically, is because I instinctively know it is better for my family. I also believe organic food is more nutritious. Then I read this article in The Globe and Mail titled "Organic isn't any more nutritious". Funded by the Food Standards Agency of Britain, the study claims that organically grown food is not more nutritious than their chemically enhanced equivalents.

Like many people, I am confused. Common sense tells me that we are what we eat, and if we are eating food laden with chemicals, then those chemicals are in our bodies. And it's not just about nutrition. More than this, organically grown food assists with creating healthy water, wildlife and soil.

On the other hand, when it comes to buying organic or not, I don't always go the organic route, for the simple reason that it's more expensive. My pocket book is winning over my common sense.

What's happened to the bees?
One thing I watched recently, that is convincing me to buy organic food the majority of the time, was a documentary called "Silence of the Bees". You can watch it below. The bee documentary claims evidence that bees have a virus, possibly caused by pesticides, and that they are disappearing. As gardeners we know we need bees to pollinate our plants. Are the bees the canary in the Cole mine?

Documentary exploring why bees are dying

What about you? Do you buy organic, or non organic food?


  1. Nice blog with a nice video. Your blog looks perfect. Cheers :) Happy Blogging :)

  2. I read this article too. The reason you eat organic food is that it does not contain chemicals. The report is probably funded by chemical companies who do not talk about the inclusion of harmful chemicals in foods. The report should compare a) Organic food with nutrition b) Organic food with nutrition and harmful chemicals. Which would you choose?

  3. Hi, you have a nice blog.

    I would prefer to buy organic food if they are cheaper but homegrown is the best.
    They taste good and delicious.

    Its a pity whats happening to the bees, really sad that many bees are dying all around the world.

  4. I agree that organic and especially home grown organic is the best. Failing organic, I am doing my best to buy local - can hardely wait for Ontario corn and tomatoes!

  5. Consuming less chemicals is only one reason to buy organic. I always think of the workers harvesting my food -- are they awash in chemical residue? There are good studies by independent sources about which foods carry the most pesticide residues, and that helps guide my dollars. Processed organic food probably isn't much better for you than processed conventional food -- if you're buying ingredients, it's probably better. Also what's called "organic" doesn't always mean that they're building the soil adequately, etc., just not using chemicals applied to them. So maybe those aren't more nutritious. I think it's all about the richness of the soil. I'll buy from non-certified farmer's market people if their stuff looks like it's been grown well and they tell me they don't spray, for instance.

    As a beekeeper, I'm following the research. It's interesting, certainly. My bees seem okay so far, but not fantastic.

  6. Great point about the workers' health, Sefaneer. Thanks for the comment.


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