Monday, February 22, 2010

Planting Map - Cool Gardening Tool!

I came across this great tool on the Gardener’s Supply website that I wanted to share.

Choosing from a selection of 47 items, you drag the items onto a planting map. Each of the squares represents 1 sq. ft. You can also determine the size of your garden.

Now for the cool part. Once done, you are able to generate a plan, which shows you how many seeds to plant, of each item, in each sq. ft. Love this gadget!


  1. Very informative post. I hope you post pictures of your garden in full effect. I'd be interested to see the detailed plan you have here come to life!

  2. My intention is to bring a plan to life!In the past I've used the "hit and miss" method. Last summer I planted too much zucchini and it took over the entire vegetable patch. So this will help a lot. If anyone else uses a plan I'd like to know how yours turns out too!


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