Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zucchini as Torpedoes?

I was telling my DH about the "mere gardening incident". He is not really into gardening but always has an opinion. I don't necessarily pay attention to his opinions, but here are his thoughts on the matter:

If you don't identify yourself to whom ever is selling you large quantities of fertilizer you could be  a suspect in a bomb plot. Before you know it, the RCMP or CSIS  could be on your doorstep! They are going to take a very close look at your zucchini, wondering if they're really torpedoes. And are those pumpkins disguised bombs? So, be careful if you buy fertilizer in Canada - they'll be watching!



  1. Apparently my basement did get water and I only noticed when stepping on the rug under my treadmill!

    Once again, a sign that I need to CLEAN it up :)

    Hope you're having a great time in the garden--I finally managed to do some weeding today!

  2. Unfortunately it's been raining most of the week, and the weekend looks like rain too. Hope this is not a repeat of last year's rainy summer.

  3. What a funny story. I guess nowadays we do have to worry about even things that wouldn't normally be seen as a big deal.
    Sounds like it's been very wet there too. I guess it'll help the zucchini and pumpkins to grow.


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