Friday, April 22, 2011

Save the Tulips for the Royal Wedding or It's Off With Their Heads!

The Telegraph reports that the tulips lining the route of the upcoming April 29, 2011 marriage of Prince William and Katherine, are wilting due to the unusually hot weather.

The plan  is to dead head the 26,000 tulips found at Queen Victoria Memorial Gardens, unless a way can be found to keep them flowering until the day of the  wedding! Horror or horrors!

If found this video on YouTube showing the Gardens in their glory and Buckingham Palace

The British Protected Ornamental Association asks, " ... if anyone can propose an alternative such as covering / shading the beds (wet paper) to help the tulips get through, I am sure that the Royal Parks would be interested.”

Tulip gardeners, send your ideas to save the tulips for the wedding!

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