Monday, April 25, 2016

A Fusion Garden

At last, Spring is here! As mentioned in a previous post, after removing our pool, the backyard is a sea of green grass, 

While looking for garden ideas, I came across something called, "Fusion Landscaping".  Fusion landscaping, or gardens, make use of indigenous perennial plants and bushes. These types of plants require less water and less maintenance than something more exotic.

The City of Mississauga offers a free plan for homeowners, of which I took advantage. Two people came to our house, and after consulting with me, came up with this lovely plan.

To put the garden in, they recommend:
  1. Mowing existing grass very short
  2. Layer newspaper over the grass, 5 - 6 sheets
  3. Add 6" or soil
  4. Add 3" mulch

We have a very large lot! I estimated that to do just half the plan I'd need about 10 cubic yards of earth! The next hurdle that daunted me was how to get the earth into the backyard.

Stay tuned ...

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